We use state-of-the-art testing technologies and frameworks for all your testing needs.
QA Business

3Tel’s dedicated Quality Assurance (QA) practice provides a full spectrum of testing services to organizations creating business applications and software products.

3Tel's QA delivers a combination of solid technical competence along with state-of-the-art testing technologies and frameworks. Additionally, 3Tel QA offers efficient defect management and prevention practices that include accurate defect description, correction, delegation/registration and post-revision testing.

Our QA team has expertise in various testing types including functionality, reliability, performance and maintainability, enabling us to deliver truly comprehensive QA services. 3Tel's experts have extensive QA testing experience, from simple applications to complex cross-platform software, embedded systems and software complexes.

Testing Center Of Excellence (TCoE)

3tel’s TCoE has leveraged our customers in testing knowledge, technology, methodology and resources across suitable engagements with highly skilled testing engineers and components. Our ability to adapt in different working cultures has always achieved fine performance and high job satisfaction delivering improved quality of software.

Benefits of 3Tel TCoE

  • Maximum Project Penetration whilst decreasing number of human resources
  • Handy framework and sample for future work by maintaining deliverables
  • Proven methodologies and tools for higher level of customer satisfaction
  • Smooth and effective communication at all organization levels.

3TEL Delivery Process

Software testing and QA services offered by 3Tel helps your company maintain a pace ahead of competition by providing high level of productivity and quality at economical cost.
ONE OF THE FEW DELIVERY MODELS OFFERED BY OUR COMPANY INCLUDES: Testing center of excellence (COE) where we provide all required test resources and functionalities. Behavior driven development (BDD) Developed on the concepts of test driven development 3tel has developed highest expertise in it.

3TEL Test Services

With years of experience 3Tel has developed tools used widely in the field of testing and automation assuring products system applications and platform used for development comply with exact specification required ensuring the security of the product.

Software Testing Services

One of the main concerns faced by all the software developing IT companies is a testing of the concern software. Testing involves factors such as functionality, practicality, sustainability, availability and security.

3Tel’s integrated experience and quality checks helps software companies achieve the above characteristics with ease and assuring the product's built hour in line with the required specification and compliance.

  • Manual testing
  • Automation testing
  • Mobility testing
  • Desktop testing
  • web testing
  • Cloud testing
  • e-Commerce testing
  • Security Testing

Application Testing Services

Ensuring the proper functioning of applications from accuracy, reliability and functionality has become integral part of the product development cycle. Due to multiple regulatory activities of business, application testing has become complex and critical hence 3tel with years of expertise in this segment helps assure the products, systems, applications and platform remain integrated, secure and compliant.

Our expertise of working with commercial tools used in software testing and QA services have resulted in higher clientele satisfaction.

  • Functional testing
  • Usability testing
  • Performance testing
  • Compatibility testing
  • Compliance testing

3Tel Advantage's

  • With experience 3Tel has developed faster better and economical testing aspects by planning and building reasonable testing scripts.
  • Assuring and meeting proper requirement of the product rough out various stages of project cycle.
  • Breaking of the complex part of the project cycle and applying intuitive collaboration method.
  • Managing and testing various stages, versions and builds of products.
  • Developing an easy collaboration between developers, quality analysts, business analysts and enabling early automation of acceptance using common language with BDD approach
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